How to Choose the Right E-commerce Platform

If you are a budding business person, the idea of expanding your business online to meet a broader market must have crossed your mind. It is a wise idea. While many people doing business online rely mostly on social media to sell their product and services, a blog or website is also an excellent idea. E-commerce stores are mostly considered for big and established businesses. It’s because creating one from scratch is often too expensive and only reserved for high-end companies. However, now, with a myriad of e-commerce solutions available online such as the e-commerce solution Shopify and more, individuals can start their stores and make sales just like the bigwigs.

With an e-commerce solutions provider such as Shopify, small businesses and individuals can create their online stores. Thanks to the best free e-commerce website builder that such a platform comes with, various e-commerce websites templates and other website tools, the owner of a store can create and customize it even without prior website development skills. This spares them a lot of time and cost which could be plowed back to the business. But first, since there are many platforms online it is advisable to go for the most appropriate, and these are some of the things to consider when choosing the right one.

Its Cost and Payment Options

Most of these platforms must be paid for every month. Monthly fee may vary depending on whether you use a self-hosted or hosted platform. Know exactly what you want to spend. Another thing is questioning their processing fee, how you will be billing your clients once the store is up and running. Ensure to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each before you settle on one.

The Integrations

What integrations and plugins does the platform have? The appropriate one should have the most tools to enable you to run your business well. Favorite plugins for an online store include the accounting plugins for profits, sales, for tax, and for revenues. It should have the email marketing tools, shipping apps, etc.

That Beautifies the Store

E-commerce websites should be excellent- looking, with perfect functionality.  E-commerce websites design tools are free on many across many platforms. These tools help you to come up with a customized e-commerce site that is lovable attractive to your buyers. E-commerce websites templates are many, and you should not only choose what suits you but collect opinions from friends and partners on what should be appealing to the buyers’ eyes.


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